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Learning to play the piano has never been such a convenient exercise. Enjoy your lessons in private or with the company and support of friends and family. Follow along with Merrilee’s class as they study the same 16 week course included in this set.
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Merrilee makes learning to play the piano fun for everyone. You’ll smile and laugh as you gain new skills and abilities. This program is very unique in its capacity for entertainment as well as education. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the joy in learning!
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Supporting graphic reference makes the video lessons easy to follow and understand. With multiple layers of information and the ability to pause and rewind when you encounter obstacles, you’ll be able to absorb a great deal of knowledge at your own pace.
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Merrilee Webb - Piano Instructor Merrilee Webb earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in Music Education from Brigham Young University Provo where she was selected as the “Most Outstanding Musician” in 1983. She actually learned to play the piano using the RKM method when she was only 5 years old and studied piano with Reid Nibley at Brigham Young University. Merrilee just returned from teaching for three years at Brigham Young University Hawaii where she successfully used the RKM method to teach hundreds of students from all over the world to play the piano. She has served as Associate Director for “Young Americans” and owns the Infinity Business Ventures Recording Studio.

The Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb
4 Disc DVD Piano Lesson Set and 16 Week Piano Lesson Book
is now available for purchase.

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Introducing a revolutionary new way to learn to play the piano!

Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb
is a remarkable new product that brings the world-famous piano teaching method of C.W. Reid into your home.  Mr. Reid’s method is the proven way to learn to play the piano in 16 weeks, and has never before been available in this format. 

Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb
combines the genius of C.W. Reid and the charisma and enthusiasm of Merrilee Webb, an award winning teacher and musician, into one simple, easy to use product.  Merrilee actually learned to play the piano using C.W. Reid’s method starting in 1966, and has been a highly successful piano instructor with this method since she was 16.  Merrilee is passionate about music and about teaching. She makes each lesson fun and exciting.  When you purchase Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb, you will receive everything you need to get started on your way to learning to play the piano like you always wanted to.

Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb includes 4 dual layer DVD's containing sixteen 50-minute weekly piano lessons, an 87-page piano lesson book containing all the songs and exercises used on the DVD videos, and 30 pages of additional material to compliment the piano lesson videos. Imagine taking private piano lessons at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home!

This lesson book & DVD set is perfect for:
Musically Challenged
First Time Players

Students and their families are raving about Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb. See what they are saying:

“I couldn't believe how soon I was playing real songs!”

“This method makes so much sense; I wonder why everyone doesn't learn to play the piano this way.”

“Merrilee, our teacher, is so fun that I didn't realize how much I was learning while I laughed.”

“I thought learning the bass clef was going to be so hard because my friends who learned on other piano methods said it would be.   When I got home after class and showed them how I had learned the bass clef in 15 minutes, they were blown away!”

“Merrilee didn't just teach me how to play the piano.  I learned so much about music and the commitment to finish something I had started – which, sadly, was a new concept for me.”

“Because I learned how to spend my time practicing, the time just flew by.  Often, I would be practicing and look up to see that I had been at the piano for almost an hour!”

“I have always wanted to learn to play the piano but I was told at a young age I had no talent.  Merrilee made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked into the room and I haven't looked back since!   I almost want to show up on that first teacher's doorstep and give her a concert.”

“My husband is a different man since he learned how to play the piano!  I like it!”

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